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Chapter 6 pd 3

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Robyn Bisignani

Period 3

Chapter 6

Look at a Skeptical Man

                Tom and Shannon both trying to walk out but that sinister voice keeps calling them back in. Tom tells Shannon, “Maybe if we just keep walking towards the exit he will give up”.

 Well that was not for long when two guys grabbed both of them. Once they caught them they took him to what they think is the man. Shannon looked at the tracker and the green dot was not moving and they must be right next to him. Shannon thought to herself, this has to be the man mom is looking for. Tom looked over at Shannon with a frightened look. He said, “What are we going to do now”?

Shannon replied, “I thought you would remember what she told us to do. Alright think hard, think hard. Oh yeah that is right she said that we just have to memorize his appearance”.

 Memorize my appearance ay. The man said. Well go right ahead I am right above you. Shannon and Tom looking all around, left, right.

Where could he be, Shannon said. Well at the same time they looked up at the ceiling to find that man walking on both of his hands and feet.

He said, “I told you to look up. I don’t go for the whole sarcastic thing. Then Shannon and Tom looked at each other with a vile look.

“Why are you two hear”? The man asked.

Both stuttering they say, “Um we came here to meet you”.

He says, “Well I am probably not the man you want to be meeting. Do you have any idea who I am. I am someone who doesn’t like children, and especially ones that just com barging in. I would call that peculiar”.

Then all of a sudden the man got a peculiar look on his face and said, “How old are you”. And before they could even answer he was gone. Tom looked over at Shannon and behind her was the man holding a knife above her head.

Shannon said, “Tom, is someone behind me”

Tom said, “Look”

Shannon turned around and saw the man with a somber look on his reluctantly holding a knife above her head.

Tom kicked him in his u know what and he fell to the ground.

Shannon said, “Hurry look at him closely get a good look”.

Shannon got out her phone and took a picture. They ran from there with the other two guys chasing after them. Once they got to the door it was locked. So they both kicked and punched the door til it opened. The guys were catching up to them. They ran the place where they were supposed to get picked up to go back. Luckily it was 6:00 exactly and it was time for them to go home. Once they got into the car they told the driver to gun it, and did as he ws asked.

Once they got back to the resort they told Shannon’s mom what happened and she asked details about the man. They told her every detail, and showed her the picture. Then Shannon asked, “Mom why did we have to do this just to see what he looks like”?

Her mom replied with in a dynamic tone, “I told you already I will explain everything once things settle down. Now tell more about this man.

Tom says, “Well he was really, really, really tall, very skinny, looking almost sick skinny. The look on his face was ornery. He looked like he was going to kill someone. He had dark or black pants on, with black boots on. Oh and he had pink shirt on that said I HATE KIDS in capitol letters. His hair was like a rat’s nest, dark black and curly. His eyes were green and white skin.

Shannon’s said, ‘That was spectacular information this is going to help are investigation so much. I can’t tell you how proud I am of both of you. You helping me complete a very dangerous mission for the F.B.I.. My boss is going to be so happy when I tell him”.

She then tells both of them that they should head up stairs, get something to eat, and go to bed because tomorrow is going to be another big day.

Shannon and Tom both went to sleep thinking what tomorrow is going to bring.








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