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Death at Auschwitz

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Gas Chambers:


Auschwitz was one of many Nazi death camps.  Gas chambers were the main way people were killed at Auschwitz.  Around 1.3 million people fell victim to the gas chambers at Auschwitz (Auschwitz).  About 1.1 million of these people were Jews (Auschwitz).  Also, somewhere around 150,000 poles were also killed (Auschwitz).  The gas that was used in these chambers was made from a pesticide called Zyklon B (The Nazi Doctors).   After death the bodies were then burnt in ovens that would dispose of the bodies. Survivors explain that, At Auschwitz extermination was conducted on an industrial scale with 1.3 million persons eventually killed through gassing” (Auschwitz).



Front Gates To Auschwitz





Medical Experiments:


 Many deaths at Auschwitz also occurred from medical experimentsDr. Josef Mengele preformed many experiments resulting in death.  He studied twins and would sew twins together and conduct other experiments with them (The Nazi Doctors).  Mengele also experimented with eye color and would try to genetically change people’s eye color (The Nazi Doctors).  Experiments were also done with altitude chambers to see how much pressure the human body can take (Auschwitz).  The doctors at Auschwitz also conducted experimentation with the freezing and thawing of human bodies. Many people claim, “Mengele did a number of medical experiments of unspeakable horror at Auschwitz” (Auschwitz).  



Ovens At Auschwitz






Not all deaths at Auschwitz occurred from forms of murder.  There were many others ways that people died like disease and starvation.  Somewhere around 15,000 people died from starvation or other diseases(Auschwitz).  Other non deadly diseases at Auschwitz such as lice were also very common(The Nazi Doctors).  Mengele and other doctors also experimented with diseases like malaria and other forms of disease(The Nazi Doctors).  If the people at Auschwitz complained about their hungriness or infections they would be killed.  " When Mengele found out about a Lice infestation, he killed an entire an entire block of women to get rid of it" (Auschwitz).


Gas Chambers At Auschwitz




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