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Children of the Holocaust

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The holocaust came into effect in 1933 when hitler took over power of Germany. People in the Holocaust especially children were put in concentration camps. The Nazis targeted many races and nationalities. This is a crisis that people were suffered from for years. During the Holocaust children suffered because of the lack of food, labor, and brutal experiments.






Josef Mengele, Dr. Death, had said he wanted to test some experiments on twins. (mengele) the kids were taken from there parents when they first entered and never saw their parents again.(mengele) Afeter roll call, the twins ate a small breakfast.(mengele) Injections were preformed to the twins all around the body.(mengele) Simon said, "God must have been on hold during the Holocaust."(Simon)

                                                      This is a picture of the

                                                             barbed wire fence at the camps


The children discovered ways to survive.(children (no period until after the citation - captialize this title) during the Holocaust). They also smuggled food and medicines in the ghettos(children during the Holocaust).Some children escaped with their parentsand hid in the attics of people's houses(children). They were shot because they were starved, and couldn't stand up anymore(children during the Holocust).Timothy said, "We cannot calculate the numbers of people who left, fled, or were fished out of Europe just ahead of the Holocaust(Timothy).  




This is a picture of a cremeation room at Auschwitz.


 Children 12 and under were not deployed to labor (children). The Nazis selected them and took them to massive graves to be shot (Children during the Holocaust). Hitler sent about 100,000 children gas chambers (children). They shot thousands of children because of their disobedience to work ("mengele's children). Timothy explains,"The unutterable violence of the Holocaust shook our confidence in the possibility of telling a story of faith at all (Timothy).”

                                                               This is a picture of the beds

                                                             at  the concentration camps   


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