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World War II Spies

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Spies were picked for a nerve-racking experience. Many learned lessons. From LaBrosse to Virginia Hall and all the way to double crossing Germans. They took many torturous trails with some breath taking experiences. One of the most difficult things to learn is who to trust during these hard times. Women, Canadians, and Germans were some of the main groups of spies that learned some lessons and never solved others.





Undercover Woman The Limping Lady

     Many women crossed the torturous lines to spy on other countries. One specific well-known women is, The Limping Lady of OSS, Virginia Hall (Payment). She was nicknamed this from a incident in Turkey which resulted in losing her leg so now she has an artificial leg (Payment,). Virginia Hall was a woman of many talents one involves speaking English, German, Spanish, and French (Payment,). This helped her because after the bombing of Pearl Harbor she went over and posed as a French woman. The German soldiers would tell her about their military jobs and missions, and she would quickly feed the information back to the SOE office in London(Payment,). “Few men showed greater courage, bore greater responsibilities or took greater riskd,” Virginia Hall strongly stated (Hall).


This is a picture of nurses dancing during the war; it shows the women of the war still had fun.



German Spies Double

     German soldiers were very known as double crossers. The M.I.5 in Britain was a known head quarters to find German spies and send them back to Germany for information; without telling the Germans what was going on (Spies). They were also forced to send incorrect messages back to Germany (2bn442RCT). One spy that was being grilled in Britain claimed that his wife was being kept captive until he returned with their information (Spies). Many of the people that were in the room at the time claim they did not believe him (2bn442RCT). An interviewee answered, “I was taking notes during this man’s story all the way to his execution and I really don’t know whether to still believe him or not,” (Anonymous). These were crucial moments for everyone whether to take the chance or not..


To view where the following information was found click the following link:


The link is part of a series from a Britain History Show.


Canadian Spy Raymond LaBrosse Entering France During WWII

     Some spies so stunts that just remind one of a movie. Raymond LaBrosse was the first French Canadian spy in 1940 (Douglas). Raymond LaBrosse and his partner would actually use wireless radios hidden in a suitcase, just like movies (Douglas). Even though, LaBrosse was a spy from Canada he would report information to M.I.9, a British head quarters (Douglas). Spies jobs were extremely dangerous. LaBrosse also said, “What one had to be very careful about was not to use French-Canadian slang or idiomatic expressions. If you spoke correct French but had an accent, that didn’t tell anyone you were Canadian.” (LaBrosse). The spies would even be the ones to break into the circle and find out plans to invade Normandy (Douglas).



These are Canadian soldiers holding a Nazi flag they found.



Raymond LaBrosse, a Canadian spy, used this falsified identification document during his rescue missions in France.



Raymond LaBrosse in New York in 1964.







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