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Joesef Mengele's Decison

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Getting the job

Josef Mengele first became a medical officer with the Waffen S.S. (“Mengele, Josef.” Grolier 1 )He then was appointed chief doctor at the extermination camp, Auschwitz. (Lawton ) People discovered, “He volunteered to work at a concentration camp where he would find plenty of ‘human material’ to continue his search into racial purity,” (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1).  At Auschwitz, he was told to send people to do labor or for immediate extermination. (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1) This job gave Mengele power which became very chaotic.  While he was at Auschwitz he sent over 400,000 people into gas chambers for their death. (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1 )

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People that were old, sick, weak, or under the age of fourteen got sent straight to extermination. (Lawton) Anyone who was not “fit” enough to work got sent to their deaths. (Saldinger ) This process of choosing the fates of innocent peoples’ lives went very quickly. ( Saldinger) Society declared, “….byname ‘Todesengel’ (‘Angel of Death’) for sending hundreds of thousands of people to gas chambers,” (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1).  When people got sent to gas chambers they had to undress for a “shower,”  which actually meant that they were getting sent to their deaths. (Saldinger )                                           

                                                                                                                                                                      This is a picture of the ovens used in concentration camps.







Mengele took Jewish and Gypsy infants, young twins, and dwarfs to do experiments on. (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1 ) He did these experiments because he wanted to increase the German race. (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1 ) Examiners explained, “The experiments involved surgeries performed without anesthesia, injections with lethal germs, sex-change operations, and the removal of organs and limbs,” (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1). Patients in his experiments received fifteen injections a week. (Saldinger ) Josef Mengele once did a heart removal procedure without any anesthesia. (Lawton )


This is a photo of bodies from the holocaust.





After the Camps

After Auschwitz, Mengele moved to another concentration camp, Mauthansen. (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1 ) Mengele fled Mauthansen after it was liberated. (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1 ) He had been a prisoner of war by U.S. troops until they let him go. ( “Mengele, Josef (1911 1) Then he lived in Paraguay and then moved to Brazil. (“Mengele, Josef (1911 1 ) Researchers exclaimed, “….he died of a stroke in 1979 while swimming at a Brazilian beach,” (“Mengele, Josef.” Grolier  1).

This is a photo in the barracks in concentration camps.



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