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The Atomic Bomb and How it Destroyed Hiroshima

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     The atomic bomb changed life around the world when the Manhattan Project too place, the bomb arrived, and the aftershock of Hiroshima.  The Manhattan project was aproved two months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which made the project mean more to the USA.  When the project was over, the result was two destructive atomic bombs.  When the bomb was finally dropped, it destroyed everything in the radius of 6,000 to 8,000 feet.  The total count for the amount killed in Hiroshima by Little Boy the bomb was around 200,000 people over the course of five years.  That bomb also destroyed 98% of the buildings in Hiroshima.



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     The Manhattan Project, considered “top secret”, was the work that was done to build the atomic bomb. When Franklin D. Roosevelt signed responsible for the whole program, the workers began building.  The time that Roosevelt signed responsible was two months before the attack on Pearl Harbor (Lawton). So, when Pearl Harbor occurred, the project was made that more important to the United States.  The whole purpose of this project was to engineer and build two large atomic bombs (Mark).  The first experiment with the new bomb was done in a desert, and when it went off, the workers were frightened that they created a horrible thing, and it would be used to kill many people.  People said, "In July 16, 1945, things changed. In an instant of what happened here, the length of the war changed along with the course of history." (UCtelevision) By the time the project ended, an estimated 100,000 workers put effort into these destructive devices (Stuckey).  It also took three years for the project to get finished (Mark).  Two billion dollars was the total cost of this expensive project (Stuckey).




The plane, Enola Gay, that dropped the first atomic bomb



     The Atomic bomb was the result of the Manhattan project.  The explosion is caused by a splitting an atom which causes a reaction (Stuckey).  Two bombs were made to be dropped which the names were fat man and little boy (Stuckey).  Little boy was the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, the first dropped, and fat man was dropped on Nagasaki, three days later (Pellegrino).  The first bomb was dropped by a plane named the Enola Gay. Little boy destroyed everything in its radius of 6,000 to 8,000 feet (Dempster).  It was dropped on August 6, 1945 at 8:15 am, and ever since, Hiroshima has never been the same and never will be (Dempster).  Another survivor explained, "There was a startling light, even if you had your back turned to it, you felt the shock go through right to the center of your brain.  At the same time, any area of skin that was exposed became very hot (Krissidhu)."  Many people's lives were destroyed because in this historical event.  Many people today also disagree with the choice to drop the bomb since it was so destructive, and it killed many innocent civilians.  People are also astonished that the USA dropped fat man too, even after they saw the how the first atomic bomb wiped out an intire area.


fat man and little boy rebuilt for show 



     As the bomb was dropped at Hiroshima, the result was horrifying.  People still question the decisions made by Truman to drop the bombs.  When the bomb hit Hiroshima, it killed 71,000 people, killing many more later on due to radiation or injuries (Dempster).  Within the next 5 years at Hiroshima, it was estimated that the death rate due to the Atomic Bomb had reached 200,000 people (Dempster).  In addition to killing the people, the bomb also destroyed 98% of the buildings at the site (Dempster).  Many researchers thought that nothing would grow in Hiroshima for 75 years (Dempster). That theory was proven wrong when within a few years, life began forming in this area (Dempster).  One survivor of this event explained, “When I saw a very strong light, a flash, I put my arms over my face unconsciously…….I saw people looking for water and they died soon after they drank it………The whole city was destroyed and burning.” (Yamaoka 494)

Atomic bomb going off and forming mushroom cloud







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