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Pearl Harbor

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     The bombing at Pearl Harbor was a day that will never be forgotten. The two hours of bombing from 7:45 to 9:55 will stay in history as the start of WWII. In total the Japanese had a success of damaging or sinking 18 ships and all 8 battleships. There were 350 aircraft destroyed in the fight. Pearl harbor was looked at to be a naval base in 1898. 429 men were lost on the Oklahoma in the first wave of the Japanese attack. Pearl Harbor was known for the destruction done to Pearl Harbor.







     At the time of 9:55 there were 2,930 dead and 1,178 US men wounded (Parrish, Ann). Out of those men 1,177 men were killed on the U.S.S Arizona (Parrish, Ann). "More than 1,000 of those bodies still lie in the sunken ship" ( Parrish, Ann). The deaths on the Arizona resulted that 200 men survived out of 2,000 men (Sullivan, George).3,500 americans were killed or wounded in the attack at Pearl Harbor (pearlharbor.org).








     Many ships were tormented in the attack. The main ship that was ripped apart was the U.S.S Arizona which was sunk and still lies at the bottom of Pearl harbor today (pearlharbor.org). Also the U.S.S Oklahoma was totally destroyed (pearlharbor.org). Another ship that was sunken but later raised was the U.S.S West Virginia (pearlharbor.org). Slightly damaged was the U.S.S Pennsylvania (pearlharbor.org). "The U.S.S California sank and was later raised" (pearl harbor.org).


Pearl Harbor by fastvegadan.

               USS QUAPAW ATF-11O.







      It all started December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (Parrish, Ann). The destruction after the war was brutal. There were 77 U.S Army planes destroyed and 128 were damaged (pearlharbor.org). Also 92 U.S Navy planes were taken out of the fight and 31 were destroyed (pearlharbor.org). In total 323 airplanes were eliminated (Parrish, Ann). All of these events happened in just two waves from the japanese bombers to the Japanese machine gunners (Parrish, Ann). Franklin D. Roosevelt stated, " A date that will live in infamy " (Parrish, Ann).   

One of many U.S planes destroyed at Pearl Harbor                                                           


                                                                               A Japanese fighter shot down







     In Pearl Harbor there main battleship known as the Arizona was annihilated. The Arizona was built October 17, 1916 (pearlharbor.org). On December 12 the Arizona met up with the transport George Washington carrying President Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference (pearlharbor.org). The Arizona was a part of honor escort that arrived at Brest, France the next day with the president (pearlharbor.org). She sailed from Brest with 238 veterans on board and arrived in New York the day after Christmas (pearlharbor.org). " In November 1918 the Arizona sailed for Europe to join Battleship Division Six serving with the British Grand Fleet, one week after the signing of the armistice"(pearlharbor.org)     






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