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Chapter 5

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Abby Lavelle

November 4, 2009

Language Arts 8, Period 3

Chapter 5

The Surprise Continues

Austin and his dad just stood on the steps starring at each other, both in disbelief. Both were speechless. Austin was just about to open his mouth to say something when he heard a peculiar noise from inside the house, it was what Austin could of swore was a gun shot. His dad quickly shut the door and stepped completely onto the steps with Austin.

            He spoke in a low clear voice, “Son, why are you here?”

            “I… I… I am delivering a package for Mr. Alorenzo,” Austin muttered still in shock.

            “Just give me the package, I’ll explain later,” ordered his dad.

            Austin quickly dropped the package and ran back to his car. As he got in the car his mind was racing with thoughts about what his dad could be doing with the mob.

“Doesn’t he know he could get himself killed?” Austin thought.

Austin kept his eyes focused on the road as he drove back to work, still thinking about why his dad was at the house of someone in the mafia. He returned to work and kept quiet the rest of the day, afraid to say anything about the delivery.

            Trying to keep his mind busy, Austin thought about Brie. She had looked so pretty that day. Her long blond hair flowing in the wind as they walked home from school, her smile had sparkled in the sunlight. He never admitted it, but he really loved Brie, not only as a friend but  in the other way too. He thought about dating her, about marrying her, having kids with her, they would be gorgeous like her of course.

            “I wonder if she’s a good kisser?” he thought aloud, not conscious of his surroundings.

When he looked up he realized Mr. Alorenzo had heard his inept comment.

Mr. Alorenzo just smiled and said, “I was a boy like you; I know what’s going through your mind. How did that delivery go today?”

“Uhhh” Austin had almost forgot about it, “It went well, I guess.”

“Alright. Good boy you are, not naïve, but still young.”

“Thanks Mr. Al.”

Glancing up at the clock Austin saw that his shift was over in two minutes. He finished sweeping the pile of dust and took off his apron. Out the door he exited the shop. The work week was over. On his drive home he got a call from Brie to confirm the night’s plans.

“Hey Brie, What’s up?”

“Austin! Are our plans still good for tonight?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it!”

“Cya tonight then!”

“Okay, I’ll pick you up at seven.”

Austin listened to the radio the rest of the way home. When he pulled in the driveway, he noticed that his dad was still not home. A sigh of relief, but yet anger, was released. Did he really want to know what was happening in the mafia? Austin quickly showered and made sure to spray on some cologne that Brie had bought for him. He wanted to impress her. What if he got lucky and it finally happened. What if he got to kiss Brie?

Seven o’clock rolled around, and Austin went over to get Brie. She walked down the stairs looking as beautiful as ever. She had on some shimmer powder enhancing her curves and her hair was neatly clipped to the side.

“You ready to go?” Austin asked with a smile.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” replied Brie.

They rode to the movie having casual conversation. Their topics included Brie’s favorite, the Spanish trip. Austin told Brie how his job was going, leaving out the mafia event. The movie “Through the Night” was also chosen. It was about three boys who got trapped in a tunnel on a mining field trip and was supposed to be scary. Austin thought maybe he would get to hold Brie when she got scared. They meet up with Justin and Alexa at the movie and took their seats.

Minutes after the movie was started, a large Italian man walked in towards Austin.

“I’m looking for an Austin,” the voice growled down the row Austin was in.

            “I am Austin, Sir.”

“Come with me it will just be a minute.”

Not wanting to cause a scene, Austin followed the man out the doors. A crowd of similar looking men appeared. They surrounded Austin. He tried to keep his cool but could feel himself sweating.

The largest man spoke, “I am Buddy, you must not speak about the note I am about to hand you with anyone”

            “I won’t. I promise,” Austin whispered.

The folded note was handed to Austin, and he returned to the theater.  The movie had already started, and he quickly whispered to Brie what had happened.  Brie curled up wresting her head on Austin’s shoulder. He felt a sense of comfort for a moment. Unable to hold the suspense anymore, Austin opened the note in the middle of the movie.

“Dear Austin,

            You must not repeat this to anyone. I have joined the mafia to get money. We will be happier when this is all over with. I love you, but this is all I can tell you. The mob has set out to do mischievous things to those who turn against it. I have joined them. You will understand someday. The men who delivered you the letter are my mob brothers. They felt they should deliver the letter to make you feel more afraid of what could happen if you tell anyone. Keep this confidential.

Your Father.”

Austin folded the letter feeling confused. It would be best not to ask questions he decided. The movie was almost over. He stroked Brie’s hair, and she got closer to him. He felt as if this was how it should be forever. It was a mind eraser.


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