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Novel 1 chapter 1 pd3

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Chapter One-Just Another Day

Brie woke up to the familiar sound of Austin tapping on her window. It was convenient when she couldn't wake up on time(which tended to be quite often) but that is extraneous information that no one really had to know. Even though she tended to wake up late, she tried not to think of the long day ahead of her as tedious. The best she could do was remain placid.

The only slightly annoying part of her day was, not much happened. She maintained a stoic personality that nobody considered interesting, but at least Austin pretended to. He had a much more interesting life.  Either that, or he made it sound that way.  How could it be possible to have an interesting life when the nearest sign of life(besides wildlife) is around for miles, and he seems to be verbose(at least a show off), and it goes on and on. She waves hi and goes to eat breakfast before Austin comes in to get her and walk her to school.  But he is already in, putting on his sweatshirt and zipping it up against the wind,  grabbing her jacket to toss it over the table to her. "Hold on. Let me get ready."

"Okay,hurry up! You woke up late again," he reminds her.

"Yeah, I know,"she replies.

"Pretty soon everyone will know if you come to school with your pajamas on."

"Oh gosh, hold on okay? I can't believe I'm really that tired. I got home from ballet late last night."

"Why do you stick with it?"

"You know that I like it.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry." Brie disappears into her bedroom and forces Austin to wait a little bit longer. He should be used to it by now, if he ever was going to get used to it.  They had been friends for a while, since they were really little and he could walk, but she couldn't really get the hang of it yet.  Eventually she learned because she had watched him so much. Now they walked to school everyday.  It was annoying. Austin had a car.  He knew she was tired, and never had any hope of driving because she would probably have her eyes half-shut, and he would have to drive from the passenger side.  No one could show off about that. She guessed that must be the reason that they were forced to trudge a couple miles through the wind at around six in the morning.  Obviously, Austin didn't mind that much.  He was probably used to it form being on the track team.  She liked that about as much as he liked her having ballet classes constantly.  Brie didn't mind since she had to practice for her recitals which come up without warning most of the time. She really needed to get a planner. Of course, it wouldn't look at it though. Ever.  Brie would forget she had it and find it in a big pile of papers that had been cluttering her desk for as long as she could remember. And she had been meaning to clean it.  Soon.  Even she was surprised that it all stayed on, and that a desk could really be bigger than it actually looked. To tell the truth, she wasn't very impressed by her room.  It looked small from the clothes littering her closet floor, the lotion bottles and lip glosses that should be in the bathroom, but instead found their place on her dresser, her old ballet shoes in a wicker basket shoved in the corner of the room, but spilling out across the floor. And you can assume that she would get to it.  Maybe later.  Right now she had to hurry and get out the door so Austin wouldn't be waiting too long. Like her room would.  


by Alice

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