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Novel1 Ch2

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October 11, 2009

Language Arts 8, Period 3


Chapter Two

So Happy Together


Brie reluctantly made her way down the stairs as quickly as her ballet-toned body would take her on a Monday morning.  She met Austin in the foyer of her house, where he waited for her patiently, like he did every morning.  It seemed that Austin was always doing favors like this for Brie.  The pair hurried out the door, when Austin noticed Brie’s inept outfit for such a cold day.  Brie happened to be sporting a tank top on this chilly day!  Austin stopped and stared at her in disbelief.

“You want to go put some more clothes on, Brie?” he asked, smiling wryly at his smug remark.

“Oh man!” Brie cried when the cold bit at her bare shoulders. “Will you wait just a couple more minutes?” she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Okay, you have three minutes!”

            Austin was left on the front porch, waiting for outfit change number two, and chuckling to himself about how Brie could be so forgetful and unaware of what she was doing.  He was always picking up the pieces that Brie had forgotten or left behind, and he had grown to enjoy helping out his closest and best friend.  Austin and Brie made a dynamic team, and they were the happiest when they were together.  Nothing could ever come between these two, and both of them knew it.

            Austin pressed END on his cell phone and the time read 7:21AM.  Homeroom started in nine minutes and, surprisingly, neither of them had been late all year.  Finally, the creaky front door flew open, with Brie standing in the doorway, dressed in a more sensible outfit.

            “Sorry!” Brie cried. “You know how messy my room is, and I couldn’t find anything to wear!”

            Austin laughed at her girly dilemma, “It’s all right, Brie.  Let’s just get to school.”

            Austin and Brie began their walk to school.  They spoke of their weekend (at least the part of it when they weren’t with each other) and Brie told Austin the synopsis of her weekend ballet recital, because she knew it bored him.  Even though they were only making small talk and they were going to be late, you could tell they were happier than ever, because they were together.  The last leg of their walk was spent talking about school assignments and teachers.  To their pleasure, they had every class together!  When the school was finally in view, they hurried in the front doors, went to their lockers, and met up again to walk to homeroom.

            They were only four minutes late to class, and, thankfully, their teacher just pretended not to notice their late arrival.  They each grabbed seats next to each other in the back.  Their social studies teacher kept lecturing the class in monotone about the U.S. presidents.  All the teachers adored Austin, and anyone who was friends with him.  Austin was incessantly receiving prestigious awards for character, as well as grades.  At this rate, Austin was going to graduate early with flying colors.  Austin was smart when it came to school and grades.  Therefore, the teachers were all on Austin’s side.

            Brie, on the other hand, just got by with solid B’s and C’s in all classes.  Brie was still well liked by teachers because of her long history with Austin and her personality.  Brie was used to being less successful than Austin.  Brie thought in a different way.  She was a creative thinker who didn’t always understand the efficient and logical concepts taught in school.  She eventually learned everything she knew from Austin, and Austin happily took the time to teach her.  While Brie was staring off into space, the bell rang and dismissed the large social studies class to second period.

            Austin waited for Brie outside the classroom.

            “Man, social studies gets more boring everyday!” Austin exclaimed.

            Brie smiled at him and nodded in agreement.  They walked back to their lockers and gathered books for their next class.  Second period was far away from their lockers, and Austin and Brie must have walked passed the entire student body before they made it to Science class.  Everyone eagerly greeted Austin and Brie with sincere interest in both of them.  Ever since elementary school, everyone thought Austin and Brie were meant to be together.

            Austin and Brie thought this was extremely funny and absurd that they would ever be together.  Although Brie had thought about being with Austin before, she did not know any of his thoughts on the matter.  Before Brie could think about it anymore, the bell rang, and she shuffled to her usual seat next to Austin.  The instructor began to speak, and Brie zoned out for the rest of class.  For the rest of the day she zoned out, in fact.

            Before she knew it, Brie was back walking home from school with Austin.  Most of the walk, Austin talked about how great track practice was going to be that night.  Brie could easily understand how much Austin loved track.  He loved track as much as she loved ballet.  Track was his escape, and ballet was her’s. 

They arrived at their houses and Brie walked to her front door. She turned around, waved to Austin, and entered her house.  Brie smiled to herself, thinking about how Austin never left until she got into the house. Austin always looked out for her, and she loved that.  She loved that she had a person like Austin in her life.


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